Let’s Play Pretend…or the Origin of Your Cheap Party

Let’s get started already.¬† First things first, we need a goal.¬† A vision.¬† A dream.¬† Whatever you want to call it, you need one.¬† You probably already know what type of event you are planning.¬† Now we need to ask some questions.¬†

Let’s put our kindergarten party hats on and do some pretending.

What’s will your guests see?¬†Palm trees?¬† Balloons?¬† Delicate flowers? The sunset..freebie!

What smells will permeate the air…BBQ Sauce or Birthday Cake?¬† Jasmine or Evergreen?¬† careful there big guy.¬† Let’s make this pleasant.

What is the party going to sound like?  Howling laughter? Soft music?  the Headbangers ball?  a Polka? a Symphony or a Saloon?

What’s gonna hit their taste buds?¬† BBQ sauce or birthday cake? Eggrolls or cinnamon rolls? Steak or burgers or veggies galore?

Now the tactile, what will they touch?¬† Will your guests stomp in the grass?¬† Will they relax on the beach?¬† Or will they be chillin’ on your sofa?

These things are a starting point for your vision.  I truly reccommend checking out some websites and putting them in a party faves folder (right after you add my blog to that folder, so you can keep coming back for more fun and wallet friendly party tips).  Also, cut out some magazine pics that sort of have that certain something that appeals to your senses and your theme.  Now, find the common ground in those images.  Was it a color?  A texture?  A repeated element like a seaside, or certain flower?  There is something there to serve as inspiration for you to convey your personality & style that is sure to thrill all of your guests. 

As time goes by, I’ll show examples of how this works, and indeed, how far something simple like a photo can carry you all the way from awesome invites to magnificent menus.¬† You can do this.¬†¬†You’ll be amazed at how easy it will become, and how inexpesnsively it can all happen.¬†

Go get those photos, or take some time and answer the previously addressed questions.¬† All you need is a notebook, heck even a piece of paper you can tape to your fridge.¬† Again, this about keeping it simple.¬† You don’t need a leather bound blackberry.¬† (I just gave someone a great idea).¬†


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