I’m sick of the word Economy, Yuck I didn’t even want to type it.

She Can O Me.  That’s the new word I am going to use.  Why?  Because over the ages women and men, have been taking situations that are less than pleasant as opportunities to reprioritize.  I personally, have looked at this time in history as a big giant lesson on debt reduction, fortuitousness, self-sufficiency, gratitude, and have developed a She Can!  Attitude.

I don’t want to wallow in what the news tells me I need to be upset about.  Because, as I see it.  I have plenty to celebrate.  And I can do that without a pink bedazzled sports car.  In fact, I find it intruiging, and almost sexy when someone can embrace their beater.  I’m talking crappy car here, let’s get that straight right off the bat.  Why?  Because their worth and value isn’t bundled into a little package that someone else created. 

So let’s make it a point to celebrate.  And celebrate in style.  Not someone else’s.  Our own style.  I feel a bit of anarchist creeping out of me, which is weird because generally speaking I am quite the rule follower.  But I guess that all depends on who’s making the rules. 

When it’s rules of celebration…  c’mon do you really want  you guests freaked out about forks, or faking grins?  I don’t.  I want them peeing their pants with laughter (although I hope they’re sporting diapers or something)  and begging me to have another party.  I want them to know I have them at my party because I want to share this moment with them because they add value to my life hear on earth.  I want to have a doggone hoot of a time.  Can that be fancy?  You bet, but when push comes to shove, it can still be a good time.

  You can have a great party and still pay the bills.  It’s all part of the She can o me package.


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