I want to host a party.

Let’s Get this Party Started

What’s the Cheap Party Chick all about?  Well, my name is Jen, and I’ve been to A LOT of partys and hosted quite a few myself.  Recently I was watching one of those zillion dollar wedding shows and saw some of the “cool” ideas they featured at their wedding.  (who knew I was cool back in 1998?) I was floored when I saw the budget someone had for one of the features at their fat cat fest.  I seriously had this same feature and spent, well I can’t even calculate how much less!


I thought to myself, what about the people who don’t have millions to spend on their wedding, or anything else for that matter?  They like to have great weddings and gatherings too!  What about them?  Well, I am currently working on my website that will feature video how to’s on some very cool party ideas I’ve implemented over the years, and helpful insiights on how to tweak them for your event.   I plan on covering everything from Invitations to Decorations.  And all of it can be done without obtaining an engineering degree or cloning the queen of all things domestic.  

For now, check out my ideas here.


One little item I can’t wait to tackle is the guest list.  That may be a few posts down the line, but I’ve got a theory that as Georgie boy puts it…”World’s may collide.”  But I’m here to tell ya, that can make a party really interesting.  Trust me…been there, done it, amazing results. 




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